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7 Attitudes of People Who Prosper

What comes to mind when you think of developing a positive attitude that leads to prosperity?

It's a lot more than plastering a smile on your face and trying to think positive thoughts.

An attitude that attracts prosperity is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond surface cheer.

Here are seven common attitudes that lead to a way of life that makes it natural to prosper financially and in every aspect of life;

1. Believe you can prosper.

you can be, do, and have anything you want. So, if you believe you can be

a prosperous person, you can.

We become what we think about, so don't sabotage yourself by thinking

negative thoughts, such as "I don't have the money" or "I'll never be wealthy."

Choose to think about health, prosperity, success, happiness, great relationships-

the things you want in life.

Visualize and act as if you are a happy, healthy millionaire with wonderful

relationships. And create positive affirmations that state that you are successful

and prosperous. Repeat the affirmations many times a day.

2.Develop wisdom and understanding.

No one has ever arrived. So, whether you own a company or work for one, spend

time each day developing your mind- maintain the attitude of a student.

In addition to reading and studying, gain wisdom by removing yourself from

associating with ignorant, negative people who are satisfied with where they are

in life and aren't interested in growing or finding purpose in life.

Then, put yourself in the company of people who have a hunger and a passion for

wisdom, knowledge, and success.

Regular study and surrounding yourself with successful people will make you a

wisdom magnet. And that will put you squarely on the road to prosperity.

3.Set worthy goals.

Prosperous people never feel like they're spinning a hamster wheel. They set big

goals, so they know where they are going, and they consistently take steps to get


You are trading your life for your goals, so make sure your goals are worthy of your

time. These shouldn't be goals you know you can achieve. They must make you

stretch and bring more of yourself to the surface.

4.Make your work count.

Prosperous people not only know where they're going, but they also approach their

work with intensity, focus, and a sense of purpose. As a result, they get a lot done in a

short period.

When you work in this way, you don't have to work harder- you just work more

efficiently through systematic thought instead of random action.

5. Be true to yourself.

Being true to yourself means making the best use of what you have- your mind,

your abilities, and your unique talents- in the time you are given to use it.

It's integrating your belief with your behavior instead of thinking or believing

one way and then behaving in another, such as not standing up for yourself or

someone who has been wronged.

When you are true to yourself, what you think about you speak about, and that's what

you bring about. That's the progression to have the right things which will cause

you to prosper.

6.Be generous.

Being kind to other people makes us happy. And the memory of doing something kind

for someone causes us to want to do it again.

Prosperous people have a habit of being nice to people, which creates a cycle of

generosity and happiness for them as well as those they are nice to.

Make it a practice to leave every person you speak to with the impression of increase.

In other words, make them feel good about coming in contact with you. Whatever you

put out is going to come back.

The compensation- financial and otherwise- you get from developing these practices

will be phenomenal. It will go beyond the scope of your imagination.

7.Be grateful.

Expressing gratitude shifts your energy instantly. It puts you in harmony with your

source of supply so that the good in everything moves toward you.

Wallace Wattles puts it this way in "The Science of Getting Rich." He said. "the grateful

mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore, it tends to become the best, it takes

the form of character of the best and will receive the best."

When prosperous people have a challenge in life- a money issue, a business problem, a

relationship problem- instead of adding energy to the problem by focusing on it, they

tend to think about things they are grateful for. They know that when you change the

way you look at the problems, the problem will change.

In summary

Follow these tips to develop attitudes that allow you to prosper in life.

. Believe in yourself, and you can prosper- changing your negative thoughts about

money and riches will change your life.

. Develop wisdom and understanding- engage in lifelong learning and surround yourself

with positive, successful people.

. Set worthy goals- choose goals that make you stretch and force you to grow into them.

. Make your work count- approach your work with intensity, focus, and a sense of


. Be true to yourself- integrate your belief with your behavior instead of thinking or

believing one way and then behaving in another.

. Be generous- make it a practice to leave every person you speak to with the impression

of increase- make them feel good about coming in contact with you.

. Be grateful in everything- feeling grateful, no matter what's going on around you,

keeps your mind fixed upon the best.

So be good to yourself by thinking good thoughts, building magnificent ideas, and never permitting your physical world to control your thinking, which controls your attitude.


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